2015 Christmas Flower Offering

In Memory of:

Fred and Eileen Vickery (Proctor/Vickery Family)
Dan Proctor (Proctor/Vickery Family)
Fr. William R. Ellinger (Barbara Phaire)
Michael A. Leggiero (Barbara Phaire)
Margaret and John Heidenry (Pat and Jack Heidenry)
Anne and James Reynolds (Pat and Jack Heidenry)
Glenn F. Cray (Cindy Cray)
Spencer Lyons (Cindy Cray)
Andrea Massey (Cindy Cray)
Gordon Mark (Cindy Cray)
Eugene Karoleski (Karoleski/Gerbehy Family)
Karoleski Family (Karoleski/Gerbehy Family)
Powers Family (Karoleski/Gerbehy Family)
Gerbehy Family (Karoleski/Gerbehy Family)
Richard C. Bodtmann St. (Dorothy Bodtmann)
William Veith (Dorothy Bodtmann)
Bodtmann Family (Dorothy Bodtmann)
Allen Family (Dorothy Bodtmann)
Justin Pascquirmello (Permenter Family)
Julie Jeanne Annis (Laura Russell)
Cynthia Rubin (Laura Russell)
Audrey Guinane (Peter Likarish & Molly Gallentine)
Ruth Cohill Shelley Family)
Poppy and Nanny Bleezarde (Shelley Family)
Frances Pughe Fitzpatrick (Harriet Fitzpatrick)
Carly Coleman Fitzpatrick (Harriet Fitzpatrick)

In thanksgiving for:

Family, friends, hope, music and the baby Jesus (Proctor/Vickery Family)
Our Family (Pansy Family)
Alan R. Bodtmann Jr. (Dorothy Bodtmann)
Good Health (Permenter Family)
God’s Blesings (Pedro Acosta)
Erin, Ciara, Courtney, and Erick (Harriet Fitzpatrick)
Lewis Lasser (Mary Beth Jipping)
Ann Jipping (Mary Beth Jipping)
Robert Jipping (Mary Beth Jipping)
Tim Jipping (Mary Beth Jipping)

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ASEP2015 Christmas Flower Offering