Ash Wednesday

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Ash Wednesday Services – February 10th

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the season of Lent, which is the 40-day period prior to the celebration of Easter. This period of time is reserved for prayer, fasting, quietness, repentance and reflection. There will be three opportunities to mark the beginning of the Lenten Season at All Saints. Note that there will be the imposition of ashes at each of the services as a reminder of our finitude and our dependence on God.
All Services in the Sanctuary:
7:00am: Imposition of Ashes
12:00pm: Imposition of Ashes
6:30pm: Imposition of Ashes with Hymns, Homily and Choral Holy Eucharist

Ashes to Go


Ash Wednesday, February 10th, 2016
Hoboken Train Station during the morning rush hour.

Lent begins with the medieval practice of marking one’s forehead with ashes as a sign of penance. The sign of the cross in the dust of ashes symbolizes both our mortality and our belonging to God. In the ashes, we are to remember that we are dust yet still God is profoundly abundant in our lives.

Ash Wednesday at All Saints will give the opportunity to worship in the Sanctuary at 7am, Noon, and 6:30pm. We will also take our liturgy to the streets and offer “Ashes to Go” at the Hoboken Train station. There, in the busy context of the morning rush, the church will meet people in their lives and offer ashes as a sign of the beginning of Lent and the stillness that leads to the celebration of Easter. If you cannot make one of the liturgies in church, look for Rev. Morgan in the Hoboken Train Station on Ash Wednesday to receive ashes to go.

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