Make a Contribution to All Saints

All Saints Episcopal Parish is financed solely through the financial gifts of our congregation.
There are a variety of ways that individuals give to All Saints:

Placing an offering in the plate on Sunday during the Offertory. There are envelopes available at the back of the church.

Mailing a check to the parish office.

Giving in the form of Stock.

Initiating a payment directly from the bank, using the bank’s online service.

Establishing a recurring payment directly from the bank. This is an excellent way to keep your pledge current.

Using a credit card or your Paypal account here:

To become a member of All Saints, you are asked to commit to attend worship on a regular basis (three or more times per year) and to contribute financially toward the ministry of the Parish. You do not have to be an Episcopalian to be a member of All Saints. (“Episcopal” is about the unique way we govern ourselves, not about the practice of following Christ). We only ask that you commit yourself to the work of Jesus: to feed and clothe the poor, to respond to the needs of your neighbor, to become a more loving and forgiving person, to visit those imprisoned, to practice justice and peace in your day-to-day life and to work with God for the reconciliation of the brokenness between the world as it is and the world as it could be, to work that heaven and earth might become one.

Pledging members commit annually to contribute to the Parish by signing a Pledge Card and giving regularly. For more information about Pledging and the Christian practice of Stewardship, please click here.