2018 Offerings

In Memory of:

Russell Tornabene, Flora Shankey, Patrick Harrington (by:  the Tornabene and Harrington Families)

Ann Jipping (by: Mary Beth Jipping)

Frances and Craig Fitzpatrick (by: Harriet Fitzpatrick)

Seth Alan Peterson (by: Elaine and Tim Thomas)

Dennis O’Connor (by: Christopher Idler)

Our Brothers Dick Reynolds and Dick Heidenry (by:  Pat and Jack Heidenry)

Fred Vickery, Eileen Vickery, John Spadaro, Betsy Corrufell, Dan Proctor (by: Bud Proctor and Lisa Vickery)

Susan, Fred and Peter LiCausi and Frank X. McDermott (by:  Kay LiCausi)

Margaret Karoleski, Eugene Karoleski, Thomas Gerbehy (by: Lorraine Gerbehy)

Glenn F. Cray Jr., Jane Cray, Spencer Lyons, Andrea Massy, Gordan Mark (by: Cindy Cray)

Patricia A. Maloy (by: Chirstopher Idler)

Fr. William F. Ellinger, SSF, Michael A. Leggiero, Theresa M. Fulmer (by: Barbara Phaire)

Virginia Perez- an amazing grandmother and mom.  Wish you could have met your great granddaughter.  We love you and will always be in our hearts. (by: Amneris and Liza Fraguela)

Toni Bruno Fukuda (by Kathy Ganim)

Sylavanus Taylor (by: Simone Taylor)

Richard Bodtmann Sr. (by: Dorothy Bodtmann)

Russ Jacobus, Bob Conrad, Sr. (by: Debbie Jacobus and Bob Conrad)

Rosalie Bryan, Rosalie Marino, George Russell (by: Laura Russell)


In Thanksgiving for:

Life and Love (by:  the Tornabene and Harrington Families)

Erin Fitzpatrick, Clara Maginn (by:  Harriet Fitzpatrick)

Lewis Lasser, Robert Jipping, Tim Jipping (by:  Mary Beth Jipping)

The people of All Saints Parish (by:  Elaine and Tim Thomas)

Michael Ippolito (by: Christopher Idler)

The Light of Christ, love, music, trees, children, hope (by: Bud Proctor and Lisa Vickery)

Alan Bodtmann Jr. (by: Dorothy Bodtmann)

Rosalie Russell (by: Laura Russell)


ASEPEaster Flower Offering