Message from Pastor Elaine

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Dear All Saints:

In this season of Epiphany, God in Christ is revealed in signs and wonders, in baptism and proclamation. Epiphany is also an invitation for usto reveal to the world who and whose weare. Are we living lives that make known the love of God that has been shown to us?

Our stewardship theme for 2019 is Transforming Generosity. You heard a lot about that in the fall when we had our annual giving campaign. But transformational generosity is not a six-week project that disappears until next year. Our giving of time and talent and treasure is a lifelong spiritual discipline, a way of examining ourselves and considering what gifts God has given us that are ours to share with the world. Money is only one piece of this. Yes, it’s an important piece because even Jesus understood that a person’s affections will rest where their money rests.

But it’s about so much more. Every single person has a gift from God that can be put to good use for the sake of the Church. What might yours be? Leadership? Serving in worship? Teaching? Hospitality? Serving beyond the walls of All Saints?

What gifts do you possess that make Christ known in the world? Whatever they are, the truth of the Gospel is that God can use them to feed multitudes.

A blessed Epiphanytide to you and yours,

ASEPMessage from Pastor Elaine