Message from Pastor Elaine

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Message from the Rector

The message this week comes from Veronica Manning, Executive Director of the Jubilee Center.

Dear All Saints:

I remember being 8 years old the first time it happened: a red mesh bag with a turkey, toys and other non-perishable food items arrived on our doorstep, in South Jersey, around the 2nd week of December.  In my limited knowledge, I assumed that this exciting delivery was commonplace. Of course, everyone in the neighborhood received such a treasure!  My mom would cook the turkey and the food, while my sister and I would argue over who was getting which toys. Some years, those were the only gifts we received.

I didn’t find out until many years later that we were one of a select few families that received the delivery because we were poor. There was a collection taken up, most likely at the local church, and our neighbors referred our name to be included on the delivery list.  To learn about such generosity, that had a real impact on my childhood, was mind-blowing.

Now, almost four decades later, I’m the Executive Director of the Jubilee Center afterschool program, which was originally started by All Saints Episcopal Parish as a homework club for the children that live in the Hoboken Housing Authority. In these first few months of my tenure, I’ve learned so much about the way the Church has cared for, empowered and supported these Hoboken youth that I have the honor to serve. It’s humbling and this is definitely the best job I’ve ever had.


Veronica Manning


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