Message from Pastor Elaine

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Message from the Rector

Dear All Saints,

Happy birthday! All Saints Day is November 1, and it was in 1983 – 35 years ago – that this congregation was formed by combining Church of the Holy Innocents (524 Willow), St. Paul’s (820 Hudson) and Trinity Church (our current building at 701 Washington) into All Saint Episcopal Parish. So, happy birthday to us!

The choice of name for this parish is telling. No church closes its doors without a great deal of sadness, anxiety, and conflict. Similarly, no existing congregation is ever fully pleased with having to change its way of doing things to accommodate “those new people.” Yes, in birthing this new parish called All Saints, the leaders were sending a signal that Church isn’t about individual congregations but is the communion of all the saints, past, present, and yet to come.

Each week when we gather around the holy table and sing with “saints and angels and all the company of heaven,” we are proclaiming one of the greatest truths of our resurrection faith. All those saints whose names we know as well as all those whose names we don’t know; all those who walk among us as saints without our even knowing it; all those saints whose time on earth has not yet come – we are all together in the “foretaste of the heavenly banquet” (The Catechism, BCP 860) of the Eucharist.

So, happy birthday, All Saints! Here’s to another 35 years of transforming generosity right here at the corner of 7th and Washington and into the world beyond.

Happy birthday, All Saints!



ASEPMessage from Pastor Elaine