From the Rector

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Dear All Saints: 

See, I am doing a new thing.
Isaiah 43:19 

I have talked a lot over the past weeks about this new season we are launching at All Saints, with 2 ½ years of pandemic behind us and looking ahead with renewed energy as our community regathers. I’m sure you have seen the new faces among us, new families bringing their children to our family service and Sunday School led by Aiko Mauldin and her team of volunteers. The Spirit is clearly moving in our midst, and I am excited for what lies ahead.

The vestry is making plans to live into this “new thing” we are doing as we prepare to launch our annual giving campaign in a few weeks. Part of this effort is focused on making sure our messaging and the images we use reflect who we are now rather than what we were in the past. The familiar All Saints red dove logo was actually designed a couple of decades ago to be used by the school, the church, and the Jubilee Center, connected by that triangle showing that we were united under one umbrella. The day school is now independent and has changed its logo, and the Jubilee Center is preparing to move into a new season of service unconnected to All Saints.

As we begin to determine how best to reflect All Saints to the world, we have acquired a drawing of the exterior of the church which we are phasing in over the next several weeks. Thanks to Molly Gallentine for her generosity in commissioning this piece from local artist Chriska North Street.  We hope to have a completely rebranded look along with a new logo and a new website by the first of the year, so this is an interim move to begin to help us wonder how best to present ourselves to the world around us.

God is, indeed, doing a new thing here at All Saints. What an exciting time to be here!

ASEPFrom the Rector