Parish Prayer List

Holding each other’s joys, sorrows, and concerns before God in prayer is a spiritual practice that characterizes our life together at All Saints. In our worship services, we pray each other’s prayers together. Outside of our time together many parishioners make it part of their daily lives to pray the prayers of the parish community. You are invited to participate in your own way.

Thanks be to God

for Sundays at Six, our joint campus ministry with St. Matthew Trinity Lutheran Parish, Angel Figueroa, campus minister.

for this congregation and the many gifts it offers to build a community of love, care, and inclusion in this city.

Your prayers are requested

for refugees and all who flee their homes seeking a better life;

for all who struggle with depression and other mental illness;

For members and friends of the parish who are sick, sorrowful, or in any kind of trouble.

 Please note that any names on the prayer list will remain for a period of one month. At the end of each calendar month, the list will be cleared. If you would like to continue to have a name on the list, please contact the office after the first of the month.

for our diocese, including the people and ministries of St. Thomas’ Church, Lyndhurst;

for the Anglican Communion, including the people and ministries of the Reformed Episcopal Church of Spain (Extra-Provincial to Canterbury), Portugal, the Rt. Rev’d. Carlos Lopez-Lozano, bishop.

We commend to God’s never-failing care

We pray for those who have died, especially Rudolph Knolcker and Virginia Reilly.

victims of violence and warfare throughout the world, including migrants and refugees who have died fleeing danger; U.S. service personnel who have died in the ongoing wars in Afghanistan (2419), Iraq (4539), Syria (5), Yemen (1), and Niger (4), and countless civilians and service members in those countries. We pray especially for Leandro A.S. Jasso, 25; Andrew Patrick Ross, 29; Eric Michael Emond 39; and Dylan Elchin, 25. All four died this week in Afghanistan.

all whom we love but see no more.

To add a name to this prayer list, please contact the parish office: 201-792-3563 or




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