Scam e-mails and phishing

ASEP News and Information

We have received several reports in recent days about scam emails coming to you with “Blessings” in the subject line or claiming that I am in a meeting and can’t call. If you ever receive an email from me that doesn’t look quite right, it most certainly isn’t. Contact the parish office if you aren’t sure.

When you receive one of these emails, please do this:

    1. Open email

    2. On the top right select the three vertical dots 

    3. Select “Report Phishing.”

I will never ask for money, gift cards, or ask you to call me or respond to me unless it is very clear why I am asking.

Churches are particularly vulnerable to these attacks because people tend to trust their clergy and have hearts that want to help. Don’t ever send money or provide confidential information unless you have confirmed the request with the parish office.

ASEPScam e-mails and phishing