News and Notes

Weekly Worship and Fellowship Opportunities:

Sundays: See current information on the Worship page.


Sung Compline, Evening Prayer, Sunday School, and the biweekly YouTube message
are on hiatus for the summer.

Liturgies and connection information are found here.


Street Life Ministry: Our new property manager, Rev. Anthony Forbes, recently started a non-profit outreach program for vulnerable youth living on the streets. He is looking for a van to fill with supplies for those who need them. If you know of anyone who is looking to sell or give away a van or wish to donate to this effort, please speak with him on Sunday morning or send an email to


And speaking of Rev, congratulations are in order as he received the Hoboken Shelter Champion award at the 40th anniversary gala on June 15. Congratulations, Rev!


Ukraine assistance: Episcopal Relief and Development is working to help refugees fleeing from the violence in their country. Please give generously! Also, Welcome Home and the City of Hoboken have partnered with the city of Białystok, Poland, to provide Rent for Refugees. You may contribute to this home-grown effort here.


It is not too late to make a pledge for 2022! If you just haven’t gotten around to it, you may still make a pledge to the life and ministry of this parish. A pledge is a way of saying, “I’m in!” Contact the rector or a member of the vestry if you’d like to discuss your pledge or what it means to pledge. You may find a link to the pledge form and more information here.


Meeting Community Needs:

The Lighthouse of Union City: support this home for asylees with your monetary donations. Contact Jill Singleton at for more information.

Hoboken Shelter: ​​monetary donations, or donate paper plates and bowls, latex gloves, bleach, breakfast cereal, coffee, and individual packets of sugar, salt, and pepper, and paper napkins, or order from their Amazon wish list.

Hoboken Community Center Food Bank at 1301 Washington: donate diapers, wipes, formula, pet food, hygiene items, adult diapers, and sanitary supplies. Find more information here.

Welcome Home Jersey City is committed to providing educational, employment, and material support to refugees, asylees, and asylum-seekers in the Jersey City area. Go to their website to contribute, donate items, or volunteer.

In Jesus’s Name Charities: shop online for what is most needed or you may send a check to them at 411 Clinton Street, Hoboken.

Lunchtime Ministry at SMT: donate ready-made sandwiches, pop-top canned soups, socks, and bottled water. Monetary contributions may be made here, noting Lunchtime Ministry.

DJ’s Free Market: find a complete list here of needed items.


And for All Saints:

You can affirm the unity and vitality of the Church by making, renewing, or increasing your pledge to the life and ministry of this parish in 2022.

  • You may submit a printed pledge card or pledge online here.
  • If you are a pledger (or a regular non-pledge giver), and you are in the habit of making gifts during services, you can make those contributions electronically here or by mail.
  • Please contact the church office (office@allsaintshoboken.comwith any questions about pledging or giving.

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